PSD to WordPress

With our service PSD to WordPress we convert your uploaded PSD, Illustrator or Indesign file to SEO friendly and cross-browser compatible (x)HTML/CSS code. With slicing, also known as the term basing, you enable your graphic design to be usable for web browsers. After slicing, the programming takes place which results in a SEO friendly customized WordPress template with semantic code.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free to user CMS (Content Management System) which enables the user to change/add content on the website without the need of having any technical knowledge. The source code is published under the GNU General Public License.

Logo WordPress CMS
Wordpress was designed by Matthew Mullenweg in 2003. WordPress is an open source project, which means that hundreds of developers are globally working to develop and enhance the system. Although wordpress was designed for web blogs only, it is increasing in popularity to be the content management system for larger and complex websites. For this reason it is one of the biggest open source projects on the web.

WordPress used the PHP programming language. Content is being stored in a MySQL-database. WordPress can be installed as a single installation for managaging 1 website, or with a WordPress Multi User Installaion (WPMU) for mulitple websites

By using themes or custom template files you can change the appearances of the website so users are not forced to use the default design that WordPress offers. Besides that, countless plugins are available to add various functionalities.

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